41st Annual Concert of Philippine Music & Dance | Joan B. Kroc Theatre | San Diego, California

This was the 41st Annual Concert of Philippine Music & Dance performed at the Joan Kroc Center, better known as the Samahan Gala.  There were two scheduled performances, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.  I was able to attend the evening performance and provided event photography.  This year’s performance appeared bigger and was very entertaining.  There were many new members that I hadn’t seen in previous year’s performances.  With Samahan opening up another dance location in North County, it attracted many people to join, especially of the younger generation.  With the combination of the South Bay and North County performers, it was nice to see popular Philippine Folk dances as well as some new dances performed.  Hats off to all of the people involved in making this a successful night, the dancers, the musicians, the staff and all the people behind the scenes.

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