Adriana + Victor | La Jolla Coves | La Jolla, California

This was the second scheduled wedding scheduled for Military Monday.   Adriana showed up in a nice glowing White dress and Victor showed up in his dress uniform.  This made for great photos for their wedding.  They were running a little late but they made it in time to be wed.

They met 7 years ago through a mutual friend in high school.  They eventually became good friends until Victor joined the Marine Corps and left in 2011.  When Victor returned home in October 2011 for a welcome home party, they talked to each other like Victor never left.  But when he left again, they lost touch for a couple of years with the occasional message of “Hi, how are you doing?”  That stopped after awhile of not seeing each other.  They reconnected in December 2013 and talked everyday until Adriana moved to San Diego.   They both expressed to me that they both had feelings for each other but the distance from each other is what kept them apart.  In October of 2014, they decided to try out their relationship.  The relationship went well and Victor proposed to Adriana in February 2015.  And today, they married each other.  Best friends and Husband and Wife forever.  Adriana said that some people think they rushed into marriage but the way they both saw it was that they were spending forever with their best friend.  Though it took some time to find each other, they are both happy they found each other.

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