Brian | Coronado Ferry Landing | Coronado, California

Brian called me over a week ago.  It was a weekday, early in the evening.  He asked me if I could do him a favor.  Of course I had to hear what his request was.  He told me about his Dad having cancer in the mouth.  He said that his Dad was kind of scared about the oral surgery and the disfigurement it may cause.  Brian told me that his Dad asked him and his sister to have some photos taken of each other.  His Dad wanted to have a photo of each of them at his bedside so he could see their faces during his recovery.  He wanted his angels by his bedside with him before and after the procedure.  This was definitely a request from Brian that I could not refuse.  We decided on a day and a time to do his photos.  We were able to get some good shots of him during his session.  I hope that I did a good job for his Dad and I wish Brian’s Dad a safe procedure and a speedy recovery.

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