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Jessica + Mark | Belmont Country Club | Ashburn, Virginia

I met Jessica & Mark at the Naval Medical Center a few years back.  I remember when they both first started working as Ensign nurses on the unit.  They both became two of my favorite people toView full post »

Pacita + Anthony | Waterfront Park & Anthony’s Fish Grotto | San Diego, California

Pacita and Anthony had their wedding ceremony outside of the San Diego County – Waterfront Park.  The floral gazebo and grass lawn was perfect for the wedding they were about to have.  They hadView full post »

Julia + Justin | Adam’s Pointe Golf Club | Blue Springs, Missouri

Julia and Justin had met each other while they were in college.  They dated each other and fell in love with one another.  They moved to Colorado and both found jobs there.  When they decided to getView full post »

Emily + Abraham | Elope to Coronado | Coronado, California

Abraham and Emily met two months after Abraham finished “A” School in the Navy.  During his leave after “A” school, he went back home to spend some time with his family.View full post »

Liana + James Paul | Manhattan Elite Yacht Pier 61 | Chelsea Piers, New York

Liana and JP had met in college.  JP was in his last year of college and Liana was in her freshman year.  They became friends during that time and and had talks about nursing.  After JP graduated andView full post »

Kimberly + Travis | County of San Diego | San Diego, California

Kimberly and Travis are both in the United States Army, stationed in Washington State. They were both approved time off to fly to San Diego to have a quick wedding at the County of San Diego. TheyView full post »

Jessica +Edward | Calumet Park | La Jolla, California

Jessica & Edward had their wedding at Calumet Park located in La Jolla.  This was the first time for me to photograph a wedding there.  It was a nice quaint little park with a beautiful oceanView full post »

Tatiana + Thomas | Oceanside Marina Suites | Oceanside, California

Tatiana & Thomas exchanged their wedding vows for one another today.  They were one of the six couples for today’s Military Monday, Elope to Oceanside Weddings.  Thomas is currentlyView full post »

Felisha + Terrence | Oceanside Marina Suites | Oceanside, California

Felisha & Terrence were the second couple to wed for today’s special Military Monday wedding.  They, with Felisha’s son Eli, had their ceremony on the ocean view of the OceansideView full post »

Lolita + Anthony | Bali Hai Shelter Island | San Diego, California

Lolita and Anthony had their wedding reception at the Bali Hai in Shelter Island.  They had celebrated their original wedding in Mexico with majority of Lolita’s family.  This wedding receptionView full post »

Gina + AJ | Admiral Kidd | San Diego, California

Gina and AJ had their perfect wedding.  Everything was beautiful, down to every detail.  There was rain in the forecast for this Saturday evening but prayers were answered and there was no rain.  TheView full post »

Lauren + Richard | Home | San Diego, California

Lauren & Richard had a more personal wedding with their closest family and friends in attendance. The scenery was their nicely decorated backyard with a white wooden made arch and white chairsView full post »

Maryjoice + Michael | Bali Hai Shelter Island | San Diego, California

After many months of planning, Maryjoice & Michael’s dream Wedding was upon them.  It turned out to be a perfect day in San Diego, California for their wedding.  It wasn’t too hot andView full post »

Jackielyn + Michael | Bali Hai Shelter Island | San Diego, California

Jackielyn and Michael were the last wedding couple to photograph for Elope To San Diego.  Their wedding lasted long enough just in time for the sun to set.  It’s always funny how people withinView full post »

Erika + Timothy | Bali Hai Shelter Island | San Diego, California

This was the second wedding for me to photograph for Elope To San Diego. I learned that Timothy was a HM2 in the US Navy. Being prior military and being a prior corpsman myself, I was more than happyView full post »

Deisire + Ivan | Bali Hai Shelter Island | San Diego, California

Deisire & Ivan’s Wedding was the first of three Elope to San Diego Weddings celebrated this day.   Rev. Chrisopher was the official today for there ceremony in front of the Bali Hai onView full post »

Kelsy + Mike | Coronado Beach | Coronado, California

I had the honor of photographing Kelsy & Mike’s Wedding.  I also had the privilege of working with both of them during their time at Naval Medical Center.  After finding out that they wereView full post »

Darlene + Teddy | The Revere Golf Club | Las Vegas, Nevada

This destination Wedding was celebrated in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Revere Golf Club.  It was a hot and sunny day in the evening, typical of Las Vegas weather.  We stayed in the same hotel as theView full post »

Carly + Sam | La Jolla Coves | La Jolla, California

We were honored to be able to provide photography for another lovely couple for Military Mondays.  You could not keep away the Love and smiles these two had for one another even on this cloudy day. View full post »

Rhonda + John | Home | Lakeside, California

Rhonda and I had worked together for a couple of years before she got out of the military.  She made her transition into becoming a civilian and using her nursing skills to become a nursingView full post »

Adriana + Victor | La Jolla Coves | La Jolla, California

This was the second scheduled wedding scheduled for Military Monday.   Adriana showed up in a nice glowing White dress and Victor showed up in his dress uniform.  This made for great photos for theirView full post »

Kristina + Brandon | La Jolla Coves | La Jolla, California

Saradpon Photography provided the Wedding Photography for another military member for the Military Monday last Monday on March 16, 2005. My assistant and second shooter for this wedding was Lyneiah.View full post »

Madelaine + Ryuji | Del Mar Beach Resort | Oceanside, California

Rain was predicted in the forecast for today’s weather but the rain managed to hold out until later, during the indoor reception. We have never photographed at this location but we were excited atView full post »

Michelle + Nate | San Diego State University | San Diego, California

We were honored to be able to photograph Michelle and Nate’s Wedding. Their story of meeting and falling in Love consisted of going on a date and meeting at a local Starbucks at San Diego StateView full post »

Mark + Ricky | County Administration Building | San Diego, California

Mark & Ricky had their wedding day at the County Administration Building in Downtown, San Diego.  They had some of their family and closest friends in attendance.  They were the last couple to beView full post »

Ethel + Ryan | St. Michael’s Church | San Diego, California

Ethel and Ryan had their wedding at St. Michael’s Church in Paradise Hills.  There reception was held in a reception hall in Otay Ranch.  The weather was perfect, just like their wedding.  WeView full post »

Synthia + Zach | La Jolla Coves | La Jolla, California

When Zach first told me how old he was and how old Synthia was, I asked him why he wanted to get married so young.  He told me that she was the one that made him happy and that he loved her veryView full post »

Tina + Ryan | Marriott Marquis | San Diego, California

Tina & Ryan had their Wedding reception at the Marriott Marquis which was located in the Bayside Lobby Level, South Tower.  They had been married already and this was the day they chose toView full post »

Kristin + Oneal | Bali Hai Shelter Island | San Diego, California

When I met Kristin and Oneal, you could see how much they loved each other when they were together.  The thoughtfulness of how they took care of one another was visible to me.  The gentle touches andView full post »

Maggie + Chad | Bel Vino Winery | Temecula, California

With the last month of summer in 2012, Maggie and Chad had their wedding ceremony and reception at The Bel Vino Winery located in Southern California Wine Country. It began in the early evening withView full post »