Emily + Abraham | Elope to Coronado | Coronado, California

Abraham and Emily met two months after Abraham finished “A” School in the Navy.  During his leave after “A” school, he went back home to spend some time with his family.  Emily had been having car problems that week and had decided to give Abraham a call to help her out.  The day after Abraham helped Emily with her car, he asked her out and took her to Coronado that day.  She fell in love with the beach and that is when they began dating.  Abraham remembers that there was a wedding happening near the hotel and funny thing is, he never knew that would be him doing the same thing a year later.  Emily still remembers how romantic Abraham was during their courtship.  He would write letters to her and bring flowers to her on a day that she wasn’t feeling well.  She knew once he stole her heart, he was the man that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

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