Felisha + Terrence | Oceanside Marina Suites | Oceanside, California

Felisha & Terrence were the second couple to wed for today’s special Military Monday wedding.  They, with Felisha’s son Eli, had their ceremony on the ocean view of the Oceanside Mariana Suites.   It was a bright and sunny mid afternoon.  The temperature was in the mid 70’s and there was not one cloud in the sky.  The beautiful arranged canopy was dressed with white linen and a floral arrangement placed on the front center of the canopy.  The mood was set by DJ Wrecked with the wedding music.  They even received a wedding cake after their wedding ceremony.

I had found out the Terrence was currently serving in the United States Marines.  The couple met in Texas where Terrence was previously stationed.  They wanted to have their wedding in March but they were expecting to have their first baby in March.   Today ended being a perfect day for them to say their wedding vows.  They were one of the couples interviewed and photographed by the San Diego Union Tribune, with the article being on the front page.   Their honeymoon plans were to have lunch and then spend the day with Eli at Legoland.

I wanted to give a big shout out to all those who made this a special day for Felicia & Terrance.  Thank you to Vows From The Heart Ministries and Elope to Oceanside.  Mary and Christopher, you guys rock!!!  It’s greatly appreciated for doing this for so many military couples.  I am so thankful that I met you guys and are a part of your vendor list.  Thank you to City of Oceanside, Oceanside Marina Suites, DJ Wrecked, Anar Party Rental, Flowers by Azalea, and Petite Madeline Bakery/ Patisserie.  Thank you Felicia and Terrance for allowing Saradpon Photography to photograph your special day.

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