Gina + AJ | Admiral Kidd | San Diego, California

Gina and AJ had their perfect wedding.  Everything was beautiful, down to every detail.  There was rain in the forecast for this Saturday evening but prayers were answered and there was no rain.  The sun came out and there were some clouds rolling in but there was no rain to ruin their wedding day.  Family and friends were excited to see them together and uniting as one.  Gina’s speech was special and AJ’s speech was a personal one to Gina.  Only Gina was allowed to hear AJ’s vow and promise to her.  During the reception, it was nice to hear how they met and how special God is in both of their lives.  The touching speeches by both of them and their closest friends proved just how meant they were to be together.  My wife and I were honored to be their guests and witness their hands in matrimony.  I was able to take some photos for them that Malou and I wanted to share with them.  We wanted to capture their special day.  Congratulations to you both and May God Bless your marriage with many happy and Loving days.  We Love You guys!!!