Jackielyn + Michael | Bali Hai Shelter Island | San Diego, California

Jackielyn and Michael were the last wedding couple to photograph for Elope To San Diego.  Their wedding lasted long enough just in time for the sun to set.  It’s always funny how people within the Filipino community in San Diego tend to know others.   Once I told him my last name, he had that popular question that I’m always asked, “are you related to (either one of my brother’s name)?”   Yup, I’m his brother is what my reply usually is.   I learned that these two lovebirds met at a middle school in Mira Mesa.  In high school, they both ended up going to a high school in Temecula.   Later, they started dating in college and have been together since then.  They are both die hard pool players and have been to every pool hall in Southern California.  Today, they had many of their friends and family members in attendance to witness their hand in matrimony.   It’s part of being Filipino and rolling deep with a large entourage.   Congratulations to you both!!

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