Kamila | Rohr Park | Chula Vista, California

Princess Kamila got up bright and early for this photo session.  She was having her 2 year old birthday photos taken for her upcoming birthday and party.  She was able to pose for me in the beginning but once she saw the playground and other children, her focus was turned to having fun.  I was able to get photos of her in her play mode.

Kamila is very special and dear to my heart because she is my niece and god-daughter.  I Love here so much and so does my wife and my kids.  She came into all of our lives when she was born two years ago on February eighth of 2014.  She was born with beta thalassemia major which is an inherited disease characterized by mild to severe anemia.  Kamila will require blood transfusions every 3 weeks for the rest of her life.  Don’t underestimate this little girl though, she is a tough girl with a cute smile.  She brings us so much joy and makes us smile when she calls out our names.

I was reflecting on how much this special girl has accomplished in her first two years of her life.  For someone who will be turning two, she has done quite a lot.  She has already traveled to Chicago and Kansas.  She has met hometown heroes from the blood drives like players of the San Diego Chargers (actually has picture being held by Eric Weddle), music members of Tribal Theory, and singer Jessica Lerner.  She has been in the San Diego newspaper, on the San Diego KUSI news twice, pictured on an advertisement board and has been on a commercial for one of the San Diego Blood Drive campaigns.

If you have ever donated blood or are thinking of donating blood, think of Kamila.  She is one of the many people you are helping save when you donate blood.  If you have never donated blood, please take this moment to reflect on a life that you can save.  It’s never too late to start giving.  If you are unable to donate blood in Kamila’s honor, that’s okay.  There is another way you can help her.  If you would like to make a monetary gift to help pay for medical expenses, please CLICK HERE for her gofundme account.