Kristina + Brandon | La Jolla Coves | La Jolla, California

Saradpon Photography provided the Wedding Photography for another military member for the Military Monday last Monday on March 16, 2005. My assistant and second shooter for this wedding was Lyneiah. Rev Christopher Tuttle provided the service for Brandon, an active duty sailor and for Kristina, Brandon’s fiancé. Robin Ellsworth Dietsch provided the floral arrangement and Francesca Savage provided the romantic setting with her beautiful music on her violin.

Both Kristina and Brandon are from Northern California. They had met each other in Jr. High when they were 12 or 13 years old. They were neighbors in the same town. They talked all the time and spent lots of time together while growing up together. They eventually became Best Friends after spending so much time together. Kristina moved out of town during middle school but moved back to their hometown Red Bluff, CA in 2014. During those years she had moved away, they managed to keep in touch off and on. In 2013, Brandon joined the Navy and lost touch with Kristina. Brandon made his first trip back home in August of 2014. Since that first trip back home and reconnecting with Kristina, they became closer and closer. They talked on Skype, Facebook, text and by phone.

On New Year’s Eve, Brandon went back home on leave and surprised Kristina with his visit. Kristina screamed and jumped up for excitement when Brandon showed up at her doorstep. They were still best friends but both had feelings for one another. They both expressed to me that they didn’t want to cross that line of ruining their best friend relationship. Brandon told me that he had one of the best days ever when he spent the entire day with Kristina during one of his leave days. The second night he slept over with her, he said he couldn’t sleep. In his head, he said “screw it” and had to find out what would come of it if he kissed her. So, he kissed her. Kristina woke up and looked at him and didn’t say anything. That made Brandon nervous as hell. But, then she kissed him back. From that day forward, their Love for one another was confirmed.

During Valentine’s Day weekend, Kristina spent time in San Diego with Brandon. He took her to all the best places in San Diego. Brandon had already picked out an engagement ring and had made dinner reservations at an up scale restaurant. He had the proposal all figured out. During the time at their hotel, Brandon was filled with so much anticipation and excitement that he could not wait until dinner to propose. So when Kristina came out of the bathroom, Brandon asked her to sit on the bed with him. He then proposed to her and she said YES!!!
Kristina said that being best friends has impacted their bond and provided a strong foundation for their marriage. She described being with him as “Euphoria” and will never get tired of looking into his beautiful eyes and beautiful smile. Brandon said that this is the happiest he has ever been and knows that there is no one else that he wants to be with. Congratulations to the both of you and may you both have many, many, many years of Happy years of marriage.

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