Liana + JP | Manhattan Elite Yacht Pier 61 | Chelsea Piers, New York

Liana and JP had met in college.  JP was in his last year of college and Liana was in her freshman year.  They became friends during that time and and had talks about nursing.  After JP graduated and passed his boards, he joined the Navy to become a military nurse.  They didn’t keep in touch that much after JP left for the Navy.  In 2014, JP reached out to Liana via Facebook.  JP said that once he knew Liana wasn’t dating anyone, that’s when he got the courage to ask her out.  He mentioned that they FaceTimed for three months before going out on their date.  When JP took some military leave to go back to New York, he took Liana on their 1st date which was on a dinner cruise.   From then on out, they continued their long distance relationship.  They had been together for a year and 8 months before they got married today.  I asked both of them what attracted them to each other?  What was it that drew that person to you?  JP said “she’s so bubbly” and it was her personality that drew her to him.  Liana said “his kindness and he’s easy going.  It’s not hard to fall for him”.  If you are wondering why they decided to get married on a yacht today, it’s because fate brought them together on their first date on that dinner cruise.  Congratulations to Liana and JP and May God continue to bless you with endless days of happiness.  May the 4th be with you!!

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