Lolita + Anthony | Bali Hai Shelter Island | San Diego, California

Lolita and Anthony had their wedding reception at the Bali Hai in Shelter Island.  They had celebrated their original wedding in Mexico with majority of Lolita’s family.  This wedding reception was to celebrate with most of Lolita’s and Anthony’s family, relatives and friends that could make their wedding celebration on stateside.  The weather started off cold and cloudy but the skies started to clear up and ended up being a partially cloudy day.  Anthony talked about how he met Lolita from some friends and how they started dating from then on.  Anthony found the spark he needed in his life once he met Lolita.  Just from meeting her the first time, I could see how fun, nice and outgoing she was.  Knowing Anthony from when we were little, he was always the calm and somewhat the quiet type.  It seemed like Lolita and Anthony’s personalities were opposite but that’s what makes their attraction for one another so strong.  It was our pleasure to witness your special day as guests and as your photographers.  We wish the both of you much happiness in your new life together.   God Bless you both.

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