Michelle | Crowne Plaza Mission Valley | San Diego, California

Michelle celebrated her 18th Birthday by having a traditional Filipino Debutante.  Michelle’s Debutante was held at the Crowne Plaza in Mission Valley.  Many of her family and friends were in attendance.  This is a tradition for Filipino women when they are turning 18 and becoming a young adult lady.  With the tradition, there is the giving of the 18 roses and lighting of 18 candles from the 18 couples in the Royal Court.   The 18 men present the rose to the celebrant during the ceremony.  The chosen 18 women light the candle and present it to the celebrant while giving a short speech either about their relationship or offer any birthday wish.  There was even special dance performances by some of her friends.  Michelle even wowed the audience by performing in one of the dance routines.  This night was made special by her family and friends.

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