Rachel + Ryan | San Diego Padres Petco Park | San Diego, California

Rachel and Ryan met each other at a mutual friend’s BBQ.  At this BBQ, Ryan asked Rachel for her phone number.  They started hanging out and going on dates.  From there on, their relationship grew stronger and they because a couple.  They both share many things in common.  They both love their families and family time is important to them.  They also enjoy going to the movies and experiencing new things and places.  They are crazy die hard baseball fans and love doing anything with baseball.  In fact, they are season ticket holders for the San Diego Padres.  So, what better place to do a photo session for their save the date photos than at San Diego Padres Petco Park?  They fit each other like a ball and glove fit each other.

Rachel is a Registered Nurse and Ryan is a Hospital Corpsman in the US Navy.  Learning that they were both in the health field, told me that they both had big hearts.  Not only do they have big hearts for one another, but they also have big hearts by using their skills to help take care of patients.    They are looking forward to their Wedding in June 2016 which will be celebrated in Oklahoma.

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