About Me





Hey there!  My name is Ron and I am a photographer.  I have lived in San Diego most of my life and I even spent most of my military career in San Diego.  I enjoy spending time with family, watching movies, trying different foods, watching my San Diego Chargers during football season and my all time favorite is, I love to nap.  My wife’s name is Malou and my kids name’s are Lyn and Josh.   I also have two energetic and adorable Boxer dogs named Sandie and Daygo.  My passion for photography started over a decade ago when I became fascinated with documenting my own life events with photos. This passion has grown stronger over the years which has drawn me into a different career path.  It has enabled me to be more free and enjoy my artistic side.  Part of the enjoyment of being a wedding photographer is meeting new couples and being able to capture their wedding story.

Ron Saradpon of Saradpon PhotographyMy style of photography is a combination of candid photos and vivid colors.   I really  enjoy capturing the true candid moments.   There’s the first look, when the groom sees his beautiful bride walking towards him at the alter.  There’s the exchange of vows, bride tearing up, groom tearing up or even both of them tearing up.  Then there’s the first kiss.  There are so many special moments throughout the day and I want to capture those moments for you.   Take a look at my portfolio and see what type of candid photos I like to take.  If this is the type of photography you like, then I may be the photographer for you.

 I am available for destination Weddings whether it’s in the good ol’ USA or in another country.  So far, I have been fortunate to experience photographing weddings in San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Kansas, and New York.  I hope to someday photograph a wedding in Hawaii or in the Bahamas.

“Capturing that Moment, Freezing it in Time, Making it Last Forever”

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