Rose + Robin | La Jolla Coves | La Jolla, California

Rose and Robin met each other while serving in the US Army in 2015.  They started dating in February 2016.  They realized their life paths were about to change.  Rose would soon be getting out of the Army and would start Culinary school in San Francisco.  Robin re-enlisted in the Army and would remain stationed in Europe.  They decided to change their plans in a way that would keep them together.  With Rose hopefully getting accepted into culinary school in Italy and Robin hopefully getting relocated to an airborne brigade in Italy, they made it official with an engagement to get married.  Forward 10 months later and here they are getting married in December 2016.

I had the pleasure of meeting Rose and Robin one week before their wedding.  I decided to it differently with them and photograph them in three different locations in La Jolla.  The weather couldn’t be any better.  Their session started off at Windansea, then to La Jolla Coves and ended at Scripps Pier.  We were able to get some great photos out of this session.  I want to Thank both of them for serving in the military and congratulate them on their wedding.  May God continue to Bless you with many happy days of marriage.

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