Synthia + Zach | La Jolla Coves | La Jolla, California

When Zach first told me how old he was and how old Synthia was, I asked him why he wanted to get married so young.  He told me that she was the one that made him happy and that he loved her very much.   I gave him my insight to marriage and suggested waiting a little bit longer until they were both older.  I kept telling him about the divorce statistics with him being young and being in the military.  He argued that in the old days, it was the norm to get married at an even younger age.  We went back and forth on this debate.  Then I asked him what he thought would make his marriage different that others who got married at a young age.  He said, “Synthia and I have a relationship with God.”  His answer amazed me and then I gave him my blessings.