Tribal Theory | Belly Up | Solona Beach, California

This concert was sponsored by 91X at Belly Up in Solana Beach, California.  The doors opened up at 8 pm with the show starting off at 9 pm.  The opening acts were Billy Galewood and Aloha Radio.  All the groups performed their songs with audience feeling the vibe on a beautiful July summer night.  The fans of the groups listened and sang along with the songs.  The boys of Tribal Theory turnt it up like they always do and got the crowd dancing and bobbing their heads to jams they know so well.  It’s always a pleasure watching local bands and singers of San Diego perform in our hometown.  What way to start off the 4th of July weekend then to watch all these performers at the Belly Up in Solona Beach?

CLICK HERE to view Aloha Radio

CLICK HERE to view Billy Galewood

CLICK HERE to view Tribal Theory




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